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Hello from Japan. I'm a video game fan basically.
i may vist you as a reviewer.

ほんと?俺も適当だねえ。。 RT えっ……あの比較的最近、原田さん、日本語でどなたかに「機械科です」とお返事なさってました(汗) 現在英語圏ではそれが翻訳されてしまったのか機械科説が押せ押せになっておりまして、カオスです;;;


武器・兵器科が公式です。が、鉄拳のストーリーは私が口頭で話したのを担当が書き残して代々伝聞してるので間違うのでしょう。 RT 仁に機械科説と武器科説がどちらも公式であり、かつ、ごく最近機械科が本格採用されましたのは、どのような事情なのでしょうか?

this is the tweet between Harada san and i.
last spring, (feb to march in 2014) suddenly appeared the wrong english ifo that Jin's major at mishima technical college was "mechanica engineering." However...

Me:as far as i remember, in tekken3 gaming book, it was written that the major of xiao and Jin was "weapons and armors/ ordance corps," was that wrong? was the info on Namco Stars right?

Harada: "weapon and armors/ ordance corps" is the official, but i told them to the team staffs orally,not as a document, so some of them might have mistook.

Me; oh, you've replied to some jap fans "engineer" a few days ago, and it seems to be translated to english, too! so some english tekken sites are conquered by that wrong info!

Harada : oh really? i'm also one of dumb ppl.

plz read my old post…

To be more precisely, on the tekken3 official gaming book, it was clearly written he belonged ”the class for ordance corps, (武器科)” and only on later gaming book of “Namco Stars” it was written that Jin belonged to the course of mechanical(機械科).

so some jap fans were in bewilderment and asked Harada directly. one day he was asked for the first time, he said “engineer,” second time he said “ordance corps, ” so I asked as the 3rd person to him. directly on twitter.

Then Harada answered at last, “oh have i said engineer? really?” sry tekken3 gaming book was right. ” so this is the right info.
Jin's major WAS NOT engineering.

i've post this cuz a person who clearly believe and insist that "engineering" is the CANON OUTRAGED to me when i told the truth, she shrieked "you're sooooo impolite to say something about my HEADCANON!!!" "harada is unreliable!!!" "if you want to EDUCATE ppl, you should do that anywhere else!!!"

tons of contradictions.
i felt as if i were talking with a Martian (shrug)

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